Damen Lays Keel for First SIGMA 10514 PKR Frigate

23.04.2014 Asia
Damen Lays Keel for First SIGMA 10514 PKR Frigate

Damen Lays Keel for First SIGMA 10514 PKR Frigate

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In accordance with the agreed planning in the contract for the construction of a Damen SIGMA Frigate for the Indonesian Navy, the keel laying ceremony has taken place on 16 April 2014 at the PT PAL (Persero) Shipyard in Surabaya, Indonesia.

The construction of the 4 modules that are going to be built at PT PAL (Persero) Shipyard Surabaya and the two modules that are being built in Vlissingen, are proceeding according to schedule.

The construction and testing of the modules simultaneously at two different locations signifies the unique Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding modular building strategy that is unparalleled in the naval shipbuilding industry. All modules will be assembled at the PT PAL (Persero) Shipyard under main contractorship of Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding followed by Harbour Acceptance Tests and Sea Acceptance Trials. 

Furthermore, the progress for the second SIGMA 10514 PKR frigate, for which the contract was signed 14 February 2013, proceeds as scheduled and construction is foreseen to start in approximately 3 months.

The acquisition of the SIGMA 10514 PKR Frigate is part of the further modernization and expansion of the Indonesian Navy, TNI-AL. The main missions and tasks of the SIGMA PKR 10514 will be in the domains of naval warfare as well as Maritime Security missions and tasks. Also, the ship may be used for humanitarian support tasks.

The main characteristics of the SIGMA PKR 10514 Frigate are:

  • Length: 105 meter
  • Width: 14 meters
  • Displacement: Approx. 2400 tons
  • Propulsion: Combined Diesel and Electric(CODOE)
  • Crew: 100 + 20 spare accommodation

Combat System:

  • Extensive Air, Surface and Sub-Surface Surveillance capabilities.
  • Guided missile Systems and gun systems for Anti-Air Warfare and Anti-Surface Warfare
  • Torpedo systems for Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Active and Passive Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Tacticos Combat Management System
  • Also, the SIGMA PKR 10514 Frigate will be able to carry an organic helicopter.


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