Nexter’s Artillery at Defense & Security 2017 Bangkok

06.11.2017 Asia
Nexter’s Artillery at Defense & Security 2017 Bangkok

Nexter’s Artillery at Defense & Security 2017 Bangkok

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Nexter, a KNDS Group company, is presenting at the 2017 edition of Defense & Security, to be held in Bangkok from 6 to 9 November.

Designer and integrator of armored vehicles, thanks to its internationally-recognized expertise, Nexter is amongst the world’s leading artillery system manufacturers. The group offers a comprehensive range of products for equipping artillery battalions, from guns to ammunition, and including ballistic computers and fire control systems.

Deployed in Mali by the French armed forces as part of operation SERVAL and BARKHANE, as well as in Lebanon, Afghanistan and, more recently, in Iraq, the CAESAR® self-propelled 155mm artillery system has a worldwide reputation as representing the best compromise between the simplicity of a towed artillery piece and the mobility of a self-propelled system.

The CAESAR® is extremely accurate and highly mobile to avoid counter-battery fire, whilst remaining the artillery system with the lowest maintenance cost in its category. In service in 5 armed forces, over 270 CAESAR® have been produced, they have fired over 80,000 shells and travelled over a million kilometers. It is presented in model form in both its 6x6 and 8x8 versions.

A model of the 105 LG1, the 105mm towed artillery system, completes the presentation of the Nexter artillery range. Deployable by a lightweight vehicle, a helicopter or even by parachute drop, the 105 LG1 gun is the world's lightest 105mm assault artillery piece and is ideal for providing gunfire support to rapid reaction forces.

As closely as possible to his customers, Nexter has developed a full range of simulation tools to match its artillery systems. Thus, for the initial and continuation training of gun crews, a system is proposed that reproduces all the physical and mechanical components of the CAESAR®; known as the CCTS (for Caesar Crew Training System), it allows realistic training of the crew under all possible operational configurations. An immersive 3D variant also exists, which allows personnel to be made to operate in a synthetic 3D environment.

Finally, the TITUS® multi-purpose 6x6 armored vehicle is also exhibited in model form in its homeland security version. As a truly modular platform, the TITUS® can fulfill a wide range of missions, from troop transport to combat and logistics support missions and including Law Enforcement, peace-keeping missions, and combating insurrection. Protected against ballistic attacks and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) threats, and benefiting from exceptional mobility, the TITUS® is an undeniable asset for security forces worldwide.

Nexter, the leading French land defense company and third European player in the ammunition sector is part of the KNDS Group. It is dedicated to meet the needs of the French land forces and of Nations on an international scale.

The scope of Nexter’s business includes the supply of weapon systems and ammunition for air and naval forces. Nexter also provides systems and protection solutions in the field of homeland security. The group continues to apply its international development policy with 60% of the order intake in 2016 intended for the export market.

In France, Nexter is fully committed to meeting the objectives of the SCORPION program, through the renovation of the Leclerc tank and the development of the future VBMR and EBRC vehicles within the GME (temporary business venture between Nexter, Thales and Renault Trucks Defense).

Nexter’s 2016 turnover amounted to €866 million, of which 19% is allocated to Research and Development activities. The group’s range of products includes ARAVIS®, TITUS® and VBCI armored vehicles, CAESAR®, TRAJAN® and 105LG1 artillery systems, smart ammunition (BONUS), as well as customer service and support. 


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