MBD Design to Conduct a Study for ACMAT

18.04.2011 Europe
MBD Design to Conduct a Study for ACMAT

MBD Design to Conduct a Study for ACMAT

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Within its product strategy development, the French Group ACMAT entrusted MBD Design to conduct a study on the VLRA (Light Vehicle for Liaison, Reconnaissance and Support) evolution.

ACMAT designs, manufactures and markets 4x4 and 4x6 cross-country vehicles, trailers, shelters and generators.

Icon of the group, the VLRA has been in the market for over 40 years. It has been developed in over 75 models that were sold in more than 46 countries.

As a consequence, it was very important that the renovated version keeps its identity: a horizontal radiator grill, a bonnet with steep sides, a windscreen with a very vertical profile, wheels passage in geometric shapes.

The Agency study concerned the exterior design for two 4x4 VLRA2 in their Torpedo and Tole versions. The design basics were maintained: robustness, simplicity, aggressiveness, technical tricks, functionalities, common components, clearing capacity.

The Agency creative work kept the height/length proportions while emphasizing the horizontal radiator effect. The optics were integrated, the bonnet was closed and moved, the stepladder was integrated.

The new VLRA2 draws a robustness and modernity feeling. The vehicle past history is kept while its identity is reinforced.

Some VLRA2 Torpedo and Tole prototypes were previewed during EUROSATORY in June 2008.

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