METRAVIB to Equip Turkish Army’s COBRA II Vehicles

21.06.2016 Europe
METRAVIB to Equip Turkish Army’s COBRA II Vehicles

METRAVIB to Equip Turkish Army’s COBRA II Vehicles

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OTOKAR, Turkey’s largest privately owned company and the biggest land systems supplier of the Turkish army, has chosen METRAVIB to equip COBRA II vehicles.

In total, 82 PILAR systems will be fitted on these vehicles.

PILAR is a gunshot detection and localization system comprising an array with four microphones. It detects and analyzes the sound waves produces by small and medium caliber weapons to efficiently localize the position of the shooter.

Cobra II which is developed over existing Cobra Vehicle is a modular platform with superior technical and tactical characteristics. Besides outstanding mobility capability and 9 crew carrying capacity, the vehicle provides protection, firepower and mission equipment for users at different types of missions. The vehicle provides an outmatched performance in a wide range of challenging terrains and climatic conditions.

Export of all armored vehicles subject to requirements of related governments' export license regulations.

As a world leader in acoustic gunshot detection systems, METRAVIB supplies equipment to 20 armies around the world, including those of 13 NATO members. Acoustic gunshot detection is a function that armed forces have come to recognize, and is now an essential component in the protection of soldiers, vehicles and sensitive areas.

METRAVIB is an ACOEM brand and offers high-performance threat surveillance, detection and localization solutions for the defense and civil protection sectors.

ACOEM offers comprehensive services comprising smart monitoring, diagnosis and solutions in the fields of monitoring, maintenance and engineering.



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