Telephonics’ Interrogator Completes Certification

02.04.2012 North America
Telephonics’ Interrogator Completes Certification

Telephonics’ Interrogator Completes Certification

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Telephonics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation, has received confirmation from the US Department of Defense “Air Traffic Control Radar System Identification Friend or Foe Systems” Program Office that its AN/UPX-43(V)1 ALL-MODE Monopulse Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Interrogator system has successfully completed its DOD AIMS 03-1000A (CN3) Certification.

Achieving this unique All-Mode certification ensures worldwide interoperability and full compliance to U.S. DOD AIMS 03-1000A, NATO STANAG 4193, and ICAO Annex 10 International Military and Civil IFF interrogator standards.

This is the second ALL-MODE IFF Interrogator system developed by Telephonics to be fully certified for Mark XII, Mode 5, and Mode S. This significant accomplishment positions the Company for continued growth in this increasingly important market. At this time, Telephonics is the only IFF Interrogator supplier, worldwide, that has achieved an All-Mode IFF Interrogator certification.

Achieving this All-Mode Certification is an important milestone for all AN/UPX-43 military users. The AN/UPX-43 IFF Interrogator system provides operators with the capability for timely and accurate display of both civil and military air traffic, delivers state of the art cooperative engagement capabilities, and keeps current with new worldwide civil air traffic control requirements including passive multichannel ADS-B capability.

“We are very pleased to achieve this major accomplishment. More importantly, we look forward to providing the enhanced security and situational awareness provided by the AN/UPX-43 Mark XII, Mode 5, Mode S, and ADS-B to our war-fighters and our international partners. Telephonics has raised the bar in IFF Interrogator capability, performance, and advanced features while also providing a cost effective solution for new and upgrade IFF interrogator opportunities,” said Mr. Kevin McSweeney, Chief Operating Officer of Telephonics Corporation.


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