Bittium Expands Tactical Communications Offering

22.08.2017 North America
Bittium Expands Tactical Communications Offering

Bittium Expands Tactical Communications Offering

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Bittium expanded its tactical communications offering with a software defined radio based Bittium Tough SDR product family that includes Bittium Tough SDR Handheld™, tactical handheld radio for individual soldiers, and Bittium Tough SDR Vehicular™, tactical radio for vehicle installations.

The new product family expands Bittium’s product offering from the current Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ (TAC WIN), used for forming a tactical broadband mobile IP backbone network, to individual soldier and vehicular level tactical radios. This enables bringing broadband data transfer and voice to all mobile troops starting from brigade level and all the way across the battlefield.

Bittium Tough SDR products help to produce and share real time situational awareness (location, image, voice, video, and sensor data) to all levels of the organization. This improves the performance and the effectiveness of the tactical troops, and leading the troops is easier based on the up-to-date situational awareness and more reliable connections.

Bittium Tough SDR products can flexibly use the most appropriate waveform with the best fit considering the conditions and the mission. The uniquely wide range of frequency bands improves combat usability and enables using the same equipment in different geographical areas. Using several waveforms, even simultaneously, improves compatibility and enables operations on different levels and missions.

Bittium TAC WIN Waveform™ connects the user as a part of the tactical broadband network that enables transmitting calls, messages and data in real time throughout the whole network.

ESSOR HDRWF (European Secure SOftware defined Radio, High Data Rate Waveform) enables broadband data transfer, cooperation and direct communication also between different national troops in international joint operations, starting already from the patrol level.

Bittium Narrowband Waveform™ enables transmitting and receiving voice and messages in command network reliably even with long communication ranges and in congested networks.

Bittium Tough SDR Vehicular can also be installed with an LTE module in which case the radio can also be used for connecting to commercial LTE networks.

The compact-sized and cost-efficient radios are designed to endure even the harshest conditions, and can be easily installed in different surroundings. The devices are easy to use and they offer many options for connecting them with other equipment. Strict information security requirements have been taken into account when designing the Bittium Tough SDR product family and the products can be easily tailored with national encryption algorithms. 

“With the new tactical software defined radio based Bittium Tough SDR product family we can now expand our offering from high-quality broadband backbone networks to also tactical handheld and vehicular radios and related communication software solutions. This addition to our product offering strengthens our position as one of the world’s leading providers of tactical communications systems”, said Mr. Hannu Huttunen, CEO of Bittium.

Bittium will showcase the products for the first time at the DSEI exhibition to be held in London September 12-15, 2017.

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