Rosoboronexport Showcases Russian Military Equipment at DSA 2018

Rosoboronexport18.04.2018 North America
Rosoboronexport Showcases Russian Military Equipment at DSA 2018

Rosoboronexport Showcases Russian Military Equipment at DSA 2018

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Rosoboronexport, Rostec’s member, has been named the organizer of Russia’s joint exposition at the 16th International Military Equipment exhibition DSA 2018 currently taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on April 16-19.


Deputy Director Mikhael Petukhov of the Russian Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation is leading the Russian delegation with Deputy Director General Sergey Goreslavsky of Rosoporonexport appointed the head of a joint team of his company and its parent Rostec.


“Malaysia and other countries in South-East Asia have intensified modernization and rearmament of their respective militaries. Russian equipment faces rather favorable export conditions here particularly in view of its outstanding performance in large-scale anti-terrorist operations,” said Sergey Goreslavsky.


“Considering the growing influence of Asia-Pacific states, Rosoboronexport deems it pertinent to demonstrate at DSA 2018 its capacity to supply the best military products for all arms and services, as well as readiness for mutually beneficial cooperation in any form appealing to our partners’ interest to include technology transfer,” he added.


Being part of Russia’s joint exposition at DSA 2018, Rosoboronexport’s booth houses 250-plus pieces of military equipment, developed and manufactured by Russian defense enterprises.


A significant share in the exporter’s profile in South-East Asia belongs to aviation. Company’s specialists believe that the most promising export future faces the Su-family of multirole super-maneuverable fighters, namely Su-35 and Su-30MKM, as well as MiG-29M multirole tactical fighter, and Yak-130 combat-trainer.


Besides, South-East Asia presents one of major opportunities for the growth of export of Russian helicopters. Under the circumstances Rosoboronexport is displaying all types of helicopters, which are tailored for operations in complex climatic conditions and superior to their opponents in terms of cost-effectiveness.


As always, customers’ interest is piqued by the Mi-171Sh and Mi-17V-5 transports, as well as Mi-35 gunship with troop carrying capacity due to their versatility, unique capabilities, unsurpassed by their contenders, and ability to operate in tropics and hard-to-reach mountainous areas notorious for height and air temperature fluctuation.


Russia’s Ka-226T light utility helicopter and Mi-28NE attack helicopter, also brought to DSA 2018, owe their considerable export potential in the region to their high combat and operational performance.


Rosoboronexport expects foreign delegations to show as high interest to naval, army and air defense equipment, particularly to the Pantsir-S1 gun and missile system and Igla-S MANPADS.


As for Russian naval products, they are no strangers to Malaysia and the region as a whole. The demand is high especially for the Mirazh and Sobol patrol craft of Project 14310 and Project 12200 respectively, as well as Gepard-3.9 frigate evolved from the Project 11661 escort ship, and Project 636 large diesel-electric submarine.


In the army sector, Rosoboronexport places its stakes on the T-90S and T-90MS tanks, Metis-M1 and Kornet-EM ATGMs, and Kalashnikov's 100-series rifles.


“We hope our involvement in DSA 2018 becomes a milestone in building up military and technical cooperation between Russia and Malaysia and other Asia-Pacific states with negotiations conducted during the forum paving the way for future contracts for acquisition of Russian equipment by them,” added Sergey Goreslavsky.


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