VAB Mk3, Arquus’ Jewel for Export Markets

20.06.2018 North America
VAB Mk3, Arquus’ Jewel for Export Markets

VAB Mk3, Arquus’ Jewel for Export Markets

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Conceptor, manufacturer and maintenance services provider for the world-famous VAB, Arquus brings 40 years of battle experience to serve a unique product, the VAB Mk3. An extremely mobile and versatile troop transport, the VAB Mk3 is a key product for export, currently scoring great successes, especially in the Middle East.


VAB MK 3 is a new family of 6x6 medium weight armored vehicles offering very high level performance in terms of mobility, protection and payload. The vehicle, driven from behind the windshield, provides the on-board commander and driver with excellent observation capacity.


Its compact profile facilitates optimal stealth in urban and mountainous environment.


Arquus offers the VAB Mk3 with a complete systems package integrating top-level technologies and allowing the completion of all combat missions in collaborative mode, thanks to the Battlenet system, which is standard on VAB Mk3.


The VAB Mk3 offers performance close to an 8x8 with an excellent cost-efficiency. It benefits from the global Volvo/Renault Trucks maintenance network. This vehicle was presented on the Arquus booth at last week Eurosatory Exhibition in Paris.


Arquus is the Defense Business Area of the Volvo Group. The Volvo Group is a major HGV manufacturer, bringing together highly prestigious brands such as Volvo, Renault Trucks and Mack.


The group has over 100,000 employees worldwide, with production facilities on all continents and a presence in over 190 countries. The group is organized into 10 business areas (BA), including the Trucks BA and the Bus, Engines, Finance and Defense divisions.


Arquus is one of the three members of the short-term consortium to which the French Ministry of Defense awarded the Scorpion contract. The Group will be participating in the development of the new generation of wheeled armored personnel carriers for the French Army: the VBMR (multi-role armored vehicle) and the EBRC (armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle). Arquus notably supplies the powertrains and small caliber weapons systems operated by these two vehicles. The company will also provide full logistics for spare parts and Scorpion subsystems.



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