Airbus Unveils New A330MRTT Full Flight Simulator

27.11.2018 North America
Airbus Unveils New A330MRTT Full Flight Simulator

Airbus Unveils New A330MRTT Full Flight Simulator

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Airbus has unveiled the new full flight and mission simulator (FFS) of the Airbus A330 MRTT Multirole Tanker Transport aircraft at its International Training Centre (ITC) in Seville, Spain.

The simulator, developed by Airbus together with the Spanish company Indra, joins the A400M, C295 and CN235 programs, reaffirming the capabilities of the Airbus ITC in Seville as a reference centre for training crews for all military transport programs of the Airbus portfolio.

 With 60 firm orders by twelve nations and 33 aircraft delivered, the Airbus A330 MRTT is today the only new generation tanker/transport flying, certified and battle-proven.

The A330 MRTT can carry up to 111 tonnes of fuel; this is the highest capacity of all tanker aircraft, even those which have additional fuel tanks in the cargo deck. It has the capacity of offloading 50 000 kg of fuel to a broad range of receivers during a 4-hour loitering mission at over 1 000 nm from its take-off point.

Furthermore, the A330 MRTT can carry a maximum payload of up to 45 tonnes, combining the passenger cabin and the lower deck: Up to 300 Passengers, MedEvac cabin layout with 40 stretchers, 20 seats for medical staff and 100 passengers, Up to 37 tonnes of cargo in the lower deck. 27 LD3 containers or 8 military pallets

Another typical mission is the deployment of fighter aircraft over a long distance. The A330 MRTT can support the deployment of 4 fighter aircraft plus 50 personnel and 12 tonnes of freight (luggage, spare parts and equipment) in one direct flight over 5200 km, example from Europe to Afghanistan.



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