Russian Strategic Tu-160 Bomber Test-Fires 12 Missiles

Russian Defense Ministry’s Press and Information Department/TASS Tass20.12.2018 North America
Russian Strategic Tu-160 Bomber Test-Fires 12 Missiles

Russian Strategic Tu-160 Bomber Test-Fires 12 Missiles

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The strategic Tu-160 missile-carrying bomber test-fired 12 Kh-101 missiles at the Pemboi practice range in November, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the Ministry’s year-end board meeting attended by President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.

“In November, the strategic Tu-160 missile-carrying bomber that underwent modernization successfully test-fired 12 Kh-101 airborne cruise missiles at the Pemboi range located beyond the Polar Circle,” the Defense Minister said.


The bomber made the salvo launch of missiles on the instruction of the Russian president, Shoigu said.

The Russian Armed Forces are building up their strike potential to counter the deployment of the US global missile shield, Russia’s defense chief said.

“The task set in 2017 to bring the strategic nuclear forces to the modern weaponry level of 82% has been fulfilled,” the Minister added.

In particular, the forces got modernized aircraft in 2018: one Tu-160 and four Tu-95MS bombers, Shoigu said.

Russia is maintaining its strategic nuclear forces at the level that allows for guaranteed nuclear containment, the defense minister stressed. 



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