ARQUUS Sponsors 2020 Year of ENSTA ParisTech Engineering School

ARQUUS24.12.2018 North America
ARQUUS Sponsors 2020 Year of ENSTA ParisTech Engineering School

ARQUUS Sponsors 2020 Year of ENSTA ParisTech Engineering School

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Leader of land mobility, which is one of ENSTA ParisTech’s fields of expertise, ARQUUS officially becomes the sponsor of the 2020 year. The partnership was launched on December 19, 2018, on the School’s campus, in Palaiseau, France.

During the ceremony, Elodie QUANDALLE, President of the Students’ Union, Elisabeth CREPON, Director of ENSTA ParisTech, and Didier BRUGERE, Chairman of the ENSTA Board warmly welcomed ARQUUS as a new partner. Emmanuel LEVACHER, ARQUUS’ President, then presented the company and wished the best to the 2020 year engineers.

Lars STENQVIST, VOLVO AB’s Chief Technology Officer, went on to present the Group and its commitment to innovation. Mr. STENQVIST was elected by ARQUUS as the official sponsor for the 2020 year. This exceptional choice illustrates the company’s continuous efforts in the fields of innovation, technology and industrial performance.

The evening was concluded by a presentation of all current and prospective work topics and relevant careers, conducted by the company’s engineers. The new partnership, signed and supported by ARQUUS and the ENSTA ParisTech community, launches a new teaching chair of “Defense innovation”.

Within this framework, the ENSTA ParisTech community – ENSTA ParisTech, ENSTA Paris Tech Foundation, and Students’ Union – and ARQUUS, create a new teaching chair dedicated to innovation, complex systems engineering and their applications to the field of military vehicles. ENSTA ParisTech wishes to extend their network of partnerships with industrial companies, in order to create chairs dedicated to transversal themes with a strong technical, economic or social impact.

This Defense Innovation chair answers an increasing demand from Students from ENSTA ParisTech, who wish to develop their skills by working on technology and systems engineering in very demanding fields.


Thanks to this chair, students from ENSTA ParisTech will benefit from ARQUUS’ support in many research fields, such as hybrid drive or vehicle automation.


For ENSTA ParisTech, this partnership is an essential asset which grants its students with very close relationships with a Defense company. By showcasing its activities, competence and careers, ARQUUS wishes to develop its presence and visibility in the academic community. The company also wishes to take part in the training of the students, while working together on topics of mutual interest.


Engineering Grande École under the supervision of the Ministry of the Armies, ENSTA ParisTech is a public entity of superior teaching and research which provide with high-level diplomas: 3-year engineering courses, Masters, PhD, and Specialized Masters. It develops high-level research programs, notably with its industrial partners.


It is particularly renowned for its expertise in the fields of transport, energy and engineering of complex industrial systems, notably for Defense. It is one of the post-graduate schools for Ecole Polytechnique students. It thus hosts post-graduates from the Ecole Polytechnique, but also from Ecole Normale, during their one-year specialization studies.


ENSTA ParisTech is fully involved in the development of French academics, at national and international levels. Since 2016, ENSTA ParisTech has been associated with Ecole Polytechnique.


ARQUUS is a French Defense company, specialized in land mobility solutions. Historical partner of the armed forces, ARQUUS has more than 25,000 vehicles in service in the Army, 20,000 of which are currently supported by the company. ARQUUS is notably part of the short-term consortium which is in charge of the Griffon and Jaguar vehicles of the Scorpion program.



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