First Upgraded Tupolev-160M Bomber Scheduled for 2021

Tass05.02.2019 North America
First Upgraded Tupolev-160M Bomber Scheduled for 2021

First Upgraded Tupolev-160M Bomber Scheduled for 2021

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The first fundamentally upgraded serially produced strategic bomber Tupolev-160M is to be provided for the Russian military in 2021, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

“The work on producing the upgraded Tupolev-160M is proceeding on time. The first serially made plane unparalleled in the world is to be provided for the military in 2021,” Shoigu said at a recent conference in Kazan devoted to Russian Aerospace Force hardware maintenance.

Shoigu recalled that on instructions from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief the Kazan aircraft building plant had resumed the production of a fundamentally upgraded Tupolev-160M.

“It will be equipped with the newest on-board defense system, up-to-date reliable jamming-resistant communication system and unique weapons, which will considerably enhance its combat capabilities in using conventional and nuclear weapons. The plane will be powered with NK-32 second series engines, which will considerably increase its range and duration of flight,” Shoigu said.

He recalled that Tatarstan-based industries were working on dozens of major contracts for the armed forces.

“By investing considerable funds into the region’s economy the Defense Ministry promotes its development, creates new jobs and improves living standards. Tatarstan’s authorities take care of the military personnel’s housing problems. We hope that it will be so in the future,” Shoigu added. 



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