HENSOLDT Develops Xpeller Counter-UAV System

18.04.2019 North America
HENSOLDT Develops Xpeller Counter-UAV System

HENSOLDT Develops Xpeller Counter-UAV System

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The widespread and largely unregulated availability and use of UAVs has created an urgent need for answers to the threats they create. Threats range from commercial loss and widespread travel disruption, right through to national security breaches, border incursions and terrorist threats. Recent incidents at international airports around the globe have heightened concerns.

HENSOLDT has developed its counter-UAV solution Xpeller as a modular system, completely configurable according to the current situation. It is a flexible stand-alone off-the-shelf system for civil and military users capable of combining different kinds of detection and verification sensors and countermeasures in order to protect an area of concern against threats resulting from small drones. Its modular design allows Xpeller to be easily adapted and configured to the specific operational needs and scenarios of various user groups to protect people and sites, anytime, anywhere. 

It may use a combination of radar, electro-optical and RF signals, all fused in a Hensoldt operational software (C2) for an optimized detection of unauthorized drone incursions. The resulting signal domination allows an optimized usage of countermeasures such as intercepting signals to defeat the drone threat successfully. 

Detection of Small Drones

In a typical configuration, Xpeller connects radars, cameras and RF Sensors with jammers into one customized solution. It can be operated as part of security system or standalone as a mobile or stationary solution. Its ability to detect threats over long distances provides sufficient reaction time. Discrete installations also enable low visibility sensors and actors.

Xpeller can be easily integrated into existing security infrastructures. Field proven sensors and components guarantee high system availability. Advanced data fusion command and control system enable the minimum operator workload and the sensors support both day and night protection (24/7).

Intelligent algorithms reduce false alarm rate. Powerful counter measures complement the system in accordance to the respective regulations

HENSOLDT Xpeller™ is based on 4 pillars:

  • Select. Selection of the best components from the Xpeller™ kit, adapted to the location
  • Connect. Integration in an existing security system or stand-alone deployment in less than 1 hour
  • Detect. Easy operation and minimization of the effort for the operator
  • Act. Protection compliant with the respective legal situation

Xpeller Configurations

The Xpeller family comprises the below mentioned increments:

  • Xpeller Gear – is a wearable and light weight configuration allowing highly mobile operations of e.g. patrol-, police- and special-forces.
  • Xpeller Rapid – is a nomadic system configuration that can be easily moved and deployed for quick and temporarily required surveillance tasks.
  • Xpeller Guard – is a fixed site system configuration, also distributed, that is installed for continuous operations in complex and wide area surveillance tasks.

Xpeller counter drone system is at the cutting edge of capability in protection against the illicit intrusions of small drones. Teams of skilled Engineering specialists facilitate the selection and integration of products from HENSOLDT’s international portfolio, in just the right configuration to deal efficiently with each unique CUAV threat situation. The Xpeller system performance was proven in airport, event and field setups.



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