SRCTec Delivers 400th AN/TPQ-50 LCMR System to US Army

17.05.2019 North America
SRCTec Delivers 400th AN/TPQ-50 LCMR System to US Army

SRCTec Delivers 400th AN/TPQ-50 LCMR System to US Army

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SRCTec, LLC announced the delivery of the 400th AN/TPQ-50 LCMR counterfire radar system to the U.S. Army. These radars are deployed around the world, providing continuous 3-D, 360-degree surveillance for early warning and location of rocket, artillery and mortar threats to protect U.S. Army troops and our allies.

“Over the past five years, hundreds of employees have worked relentlessly to deliver these life-saving systems to our warfighters,” said Mary Pat Hartnett, President of SRCTec.

 “We appreciate the great partnership with the Army and look forward to continued support of our soldiers for many years,” she added.

 SRCTec currently employs over 190 people and is looking to fill multiple positions over the next year including manufacturing, quality, logistics, reliability and test engineers, manufacturing program managers, production planners, assemblers and technicians.

 SRCTec, LLC is a manufacturing and life cycle management company specializing in production of high-quality, high-reliability, advanced military electro-mechanical products.

 The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of SRC, Inc., which is a not-for-profit research and development company with more than 60 years of experience in defense, environment and intelligence. Together, SRC and SRCTec work with the customer for the best solution - not the bottom line - resulting in nationally significant, next-generation solutions that are supported throughout their full life cycle.



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