Tests of Extended-Range BrahMos Cruise Missiles Set for 2020

Text and Photo: Yury Laskin; Al Defaiya, Moscow27.08.2020 North America
Tests of Extended-Range BrahMos Cruise Missiles Set for 2020

Tests of Extended-Range BrahMos Cruise Missiles Set for 2020

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Tests of several modifications of the Russian-Indian BrahMos cruise missiles with extended range are planned for 2020, one of Russia’s top defense industries official told TASS news agency.

“Tests of BrahMos modifications with increased range planned for this year,” he said on the sidelines ongoing Army-2020 international military forum.

Earlier in June BrahMos air launched cruise missile (ALCM) received the first ever fleet release clearance (FRC) issued by the certifying agency. The supersonic and advanced ALCM with its proven capabilities for the Indian Air Force (IAF) there by becomes India’s first indigenous weapon to get the critical FRC.

The FRC paved the way for the IAF squadrons to use BrahMos ALCM during various combat missions which became an important milestone for the missile makers.

The IAF had added unmatched capability in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) when it inducted the mighty Sukhois (Su-30MKIs) armed with BrahMos ALCMs.

The stand-off distance of BrahMos (300 km) and the range of Sukhoi (3000-plus km) along with refueling have given the IAF a great advantage during its missions in the IOR.

The missile has caught the attention of countries from South America to ASEAN nations, as well as Eastern European countries.

“A lot of countries have shown great interest in [purchasing the missiles of] BrahMos. We are now working with our Russian colleagues. We have already received [export] permits from Russia and the Indian government, and we really hope that as soon as the pandemic is over, we will be able to act on it,” BrahMos Chief General Manager Praveen Pathak said on the sidelines of the Russian-hosted Army 2020 forum. 


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