Russian Navy to Receive Four Submarines in 2021

TASS; File Photo: Knyaz Oleg Submarine24.12.2020 North America
Russian Navy to Receive Four Submarines in 2021

Russian Navy to Receive Four Submarines in 2021

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The Russian Navy will receive four submarines in 2021, including two advanced Borei-A nuclear-powered subs armed with ballistic missiles, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the Ministry’s enlarged board meeting on Monday, TASS news agency reported.

To accept two Project Borei-A nuclear-powered underwater cruisers - the Knyaz Oleg (photo) and the Generalissimus Suvorov armed with Bulava ballistic missiles for service in the Fleet,” the Defense Minister added, outlining plans for the next year.

Overall, the Russian Navy will accept four submarines and six surface ships as well as 22 boats and support vessels for service, Shoigu said.

The Sevmash Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) floated out the submarine Knyaz Oleg on July 16 this year. This is the first improved Project 955A (Borei-A) strategic submarine. It carries 16 Bulava ballistic missiles as its basic armament.

The Russian Navy currently operates three baseline Project 955 Borei submarines and one improved Project 955A (Borei-A) sub.

The Generalissimus Suvorov is the third submarine laid down under the modified Project 955A and the sixth representative of Borei subs. It was laid down on December 26, 2014.

Compared to the baseline Borei series, Borei-A subs feature better acoustic stealth, maneuvering and deep-sea running capabilities and an improved armament control system.


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