Iranian Army Tests New Home-Made Systems at Eqtedar Drills

FNA IRNA25.01.2021 North America
Iranian Army Tests New Home-Made Systems at Eqtedar Drills

Iranian Army Tests New Home-Made Systems at Eqtedar Drills

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The Iranian Army Ground Force for the first time tested the country’s new indigenous electro-optic system, Jalal (photo), during the Eqtedar (Might) 99 wargames along the Makran coasts on the Northern rims of the Sea of Oman.

The Ground Force used the mobile electro-optic system on the second day of the drills in order to precisely monitor different areas and the wargames zone, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

The system, which has been designed and built by experts in the Army Ground Force, can transmit images taken in pitch dark to all remote control and command centers.It can also combine radar and optical data.

The Army Ground Force also employed an indigenous mobile Geographic Information System (GIS) during the drills to facilitate the control and command of operations and the preparation and production of various geographical data and operational maps, FNA added.

The system provides the Commanders with their essential requirements for controlling and commanding operations in remote and operational zones as well as training areas.

Meantime, during the second day of Eqtedar 99 drills, the drone unit of the Iranian Army Ground force used different drones, including the upgraded Mohajer drone, for reconnaissance operations to monitor the foreign vessels in international waters within the area of the wargames zone.

Also, Brigade 223 of the Ground Force carried out airborne and invasion operations along the coastal lines and returned to their bases by the Airborne Unit’s helicopters rapidly.

Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force and Spokesman of the Drills Brigadier General Kiomars Sharafi said that dissuading the enemies from making any threat to powerful Iran is the message of the massive Eqtedar 99 drills.

He reiterated that Iran’s Army Ground Force is ready to respond to any threat and invasion of enemies against the country with its utmost power and in the shortest time possible.

He elaborated on the operations conducted on the first day of the large-scale drill, and added: “In the beginning of the military exercises, a large number of rapid action forces landed on the target positions from the sky in joint airborne operations and after deploying heavy equipment of the 55th Airborne Brigade, paratroopers destroyed the intended target using combat personnel carriers with the support of rocket launchers.”

Rapid movement through transport planes of the Islamic Republic from distant places to the drills zone was the salient specification of this large-scale operation which was carried out by the forces of 55th Airborne Brigade of Iran’s Army Ground Force with very precise planning and in the shortest time, he stated.

During the operations, divers from the 65th Special Forces Rapid Reaction Brigade infiltrated surface and subsurface positions through free fall and destroyed designated targets.

Following this operation, helicopters equipped with night vision systems, missiles, and rocket launchers as well as offensive artillery will carry out the planned operation in support of this operation, the brigadier general continued.

The Iranian Army Ground Force started wargames, codenamed Eqtedar 99, in the country’s Southeastern regions on Tuesday morning. The drills are participated by the airborne units, Special Forces and rapid reaction brigades, and Army Chief Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, Army Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari and other senior military officials.

According to General Heidari, the offensive wargames involved rapid reaction units and mobile and offense brigades. He said the troops attending the drill received logistical and combat support from the Air Force and the Army Ground Force Airborne Division in the coastal areas.



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