Russian Air Force to Receive Over 100 New Aircraft in 2018

Russian Defense Ministry Press Service Sputnik02.08.2017 Russia
Russian Air Force to Receive Over 100 New Aircraft in 2018

Russian Air Force to Receive Over 100 New Aircraft in 2018

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Russian Aerospace Forces plan to receive more than a hundred new aircraft and helicopters in 2018, Russia’s Aerospace Forces Commander Colonel General Viktor Bondarev said.

“We will receive no less than a hundred new machines, plus modernization and overhaul of the combatant aircraft. We are being updated very well,” Bondarev told reporters.

Speaking about the new state program of armaments for 2018-2025, which is now being developed in the country, Bondarev stressed that “aviation was favored.”

“Everybody understands perfectly well that the world is on the way to developing the aerospace component, where there are new technologies, developments, progress. Ultimately, this also affects the development of the national economy and industry,” the Commander added.

The serial delivery of the upgraded Mi-28NM Night Hunter helicopter with dual controls to Russia’s Aerospace Forces will begin in 2018, Bondarev noted.

“There is not a single lag behind the Mi-28NM. It’s a fine helicopter, we need it very much. The completion of the engineering works is scheduled for 2018, and then, the Aerospace Forces will receive it,” Bondarev continued.

He added that all combatant units of the military aviation would receive the Mi-28NM helicopter.

“We will take it to all air units, because it is a helicopter with dual controls, and it allows us to train young pilots,” the Commander explained.

The Mi-28NM is a modernized version of the Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopter. Work on the new modification began in 2009. The Mi-28NM should receive a radically new locator providing an all-round visibility, a new control system and other equipment, as well as a high-precision weapon.



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