New Unmanned Carrier Head at Northrop

18.03.2010 New Appointments

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Northrop Grumman has appointed a new Head for its X-47B Unmanned Aircraft program, barely two weeks after the U.S. Navy named a new Program Manager for the Unmanned Carrier Air System Demonstrator program.

Janis Pamiljans, previously Vice President and Program Manager of Northrop's aerial refueling tanker bid for the U.S. Air Force, takes over for Scott Winship as Vice President of the Navy Unmanned Combat Air System (N-UCAS) program. Pamiljans also has worked as a program manager on the F/A-18 and F-35 strike fighter programs.
Winship, who ran Northrop's N-UCAS effort for two years, will stay with the company.
The personnel moves come as the effort to build and fly a prototype, unmanned jet combat aircraft from an aircraft carrier has fallen months behind schedule. The first of two development aircraft had been intended to take to the air for the first time last November, but the aircraft is still in ground taxi tests in California.


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