telent Takes Over Cassidian’s Analogue Radio Unit

21.07.2011 Products
telent Takes Over Cassidian’s Analogue Radio Unit

telent Takes Over Cassidian’s Analogue Radio Unit

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euromicron’s subsidiary telent GmbH and Cassidian Communications GmbH, a leading provider of mission-critical communications systems for customers from the fields of public safety, transport, industry and power supply, signed end of June an agreement to take over and continue Cassidian’s analogue radio activities.

In future, telent will support the customer installations of Cassidian Communications GmbH in the area of analogue professional mobile radio and assume responsibility for related product further development and delivery, as well as repair, maintenance, spare parts management and services. The analogue product portfolio comprises base stations and radiotelephones for secure communication on the 2m and 4m bands.

“In the face of the growing requirements placed on voice and data services and integration of them as part of application-specific complete solutions, our customers are increasingly migrating to digital communications infrastructures,” said Dr. Markus Kolland, CEO of Cassidian Communications GmbH.

“In line with this trend, we aim to focus in future solely on the digital solution portfolio we have built around the TETRA and TETRAPOL product family. In taking this step, it’s important for us to ensure the very highest professional standards as regards supporting and safeguarding the future of our customers’ analogue radio installations. Following careful examination, we are convinced that telent is the right company to take over Cassidian's analogue radio activities”, he added.

“We guarantee quick and competent support with our nationwide service organization, round the- clock Service Competence Center and the Maintenance and Repair Center. Our extensive experience in system integration and radio communications also means we can help customers expand their professional mobile radio networks,” explained Dr. Stefan Kindt, Managing Director of telent GmbH.

The vendor-independent company telent will contribute its wide-ranging experience in planning, providing consulting on and implementing professional mobile radio networks to the customer installations it has taken over from Cassidian Communications. Maintenance and repair processes are conducted optimally and efficiently by intelligent logistics and spare parts management.

euromicron AG, telent’s new shareholder, actively supported the takeover of Cassidian's analogue radio activities from the outset and believes it will bolster telent GmbH’s operations. It also sees the joint cooperation as a benefit in particular for customers wishing to keep on operating their analog professional mobile radio networks in future. telent can offer them unique value added thanks to its many years of know-how and comprehensive service.

The takeover of Cassidian's analogue radio activities is attractive from euromicron’s perspective in particular because it has in telent one of the few companies that is able to offer analog radio technology to users throughout Germany.

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