Vectronix Newest Line of Pocket Laser Range Finders

15.09.2011 Products
Vectronix Newest Line of Pocket Laser Range Finders

Vectronix Newest Line of Pocket Laser Range Finders

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Beginning with its introduction in 2001, thousands of the Vectronix Pocket Laser Range Finder (PLRF) have been fielded by Armed Forces around the world.

To meet growing demands of the defense and security industries, Vectronix has continuously improved the range finders in the critical areas of size, weight, and power.

At the ongoing DSEi 2011 Exhibition in London (13-16 September 2011), Vectronix introduced its newest member of the global PLRF family.

The PLRF25C offers snipers, forward observers, spotters, marksmen and others the smallest, most powerful MIL-SPEC laser range finder available today. With a range performance of over 4,000 m (2.5 miles) and a weight of 590 g (1.3 lb) its performance-weight ratio is unique in the market.

Because of its small size, the PLRF25C easily fits in any pocket, making it handy during combat. The robust, compact design – with no moving parts and water resistance up to 10 m (10.9 yd) – enables operation in the most extreme conditions.

The ergonomic design of the PLRF25C allows one-handed use of the device.  Little training is necessary and the one-button operation is intuitive to learn and execute, so the user’s survivability increases. Power is provided by a commercial CR123 battery, sufficient capacity for approximately 3,000 measurements.

Additionally, a digital magnetic compass Bluetooth-compatibility and trademark Swiss-quality optics merge together to form this new market entry.

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