Cassidian’s TRS-3D Radar Integrated in Navantia’s CATIZ

27.03.2012 Products
Cassidian’s TRS-3D Radar Integrated in Navantia’s CATIZ

Cassidian’s TRS-3D Radar Integrated in Navantia’s CATIZ

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Technical personnel of Navantia's Systems FABA Division have specified, developed and tested the integration of the TRS-3D radar from Cassidian, the Defense and Security Division of EADS Group, in the software of CATIZ (Navantia's Command and Control System, as result of a Research and Development program for the ships that it exports).

The TRS-3D is a medium and long range system for the surveillance and detection of targets. It consists of a three-dimensional radar capable of detecting, tracking and classifying different types of air and maritime targets, particularly small, high speed, and sea-skimming anti-ships missiles, and helicopters.

From February 21 to February 23, personnel of FABA and Cassidian have performed a DEMO of the integration tests, with satisfactory results, in the LBTS (Land Based Test Site for the systems that FABA designs and manufactures) of CATIZ.

The above mentioned integration, to the level of physical and logical interface, has been carried out by a Radar Simulator supplied by Cassidian during a period of ten months.

During the DEMO, it has been demonstrated the capacity of the system for air and sea tracks management, the assignment of surface tracks as GFS (Gun Fire Support) tracks to be engaged by means of a Gun Control System (specifically it has been used the simulator of FABA's DORNA system), the treatment of Suppression Zones and the report of information of disturbances (jamming).

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