Raytheon’s New Guided Bomb Completes 1st Flight Test

04.04.2012 Products
Raytheon’s New Guided Bomb Completes 1st Flight Test

Raytheon’s New Guided Bomb Completes 1st Flight Test

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Raytheon’s Small Tactical Munition Phase II scored a direct hit on a target during the weapon's first guided flight test.

“STM Phase II is ideally suited to weaponize Shadow-class unmanned aircraft systems and counterinsurgency aircraft because STM is a mature, precise and affordable weapon. STM gives warfighters flexibility because it enables them to engage moving and static targets with minimal collateral damage,” said Dr. Thomas R. Bussing, Vice President of Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems for Raytheon Missile Systems.

During the February test at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, a Raytheon Cobra unmanned aircraft system released the STM Phase II in flight. After safely separating from the UAS, the weapon used both GPS/INS and semi-active laser to guide to the target.

STM Phase II is a new 13.5-pound, 22-inch long, precision-guided, gravity-dropped bomb specifically designed for employment from manned and unmanned aircraft systems.

STM Phase II is more than 2 inches shorter than the Phase I design and has foldable fins and wings, enabling two weapons to be placed inside the U.S. military's common launch tube. STM Phase II's modular assembly will make the system simpler to manufacture on a large scale.

Key Points:

  • At 13.5 pounds and 22 inches, STM is the smallest air-launched weapon in the Raytheon portfolio.
  • Has both GPS/INS and digital semi-active laser guidance.
  • Small enough to be employed from the U.S. military's common launch tube.

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