Geobrugg Launches FOXX Floating Boat Barrier

08.05.2012 Products
Geobrugg Launches FOXX Floating Boat Barrier

Geobrugg Launches FOXX Floating Boat Barrier

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Geobrugg, an operating company of the Swiss BRUGG Group, announced the launch of the FOXX floating boat barrier.

FOXX contributes to eliminate some of the water side security gaps by closing the waterside access or setting up a temporary restricted area. The FOXX floating barrier will stop all types of speedboat-launched attacks thanks to the doubled MAXX spiral rope net:

  • deployed in pre-assembled installation units of up to 100 meter length with an effective height of 2.5 meter
  • floating elements filled with marine foam and a wall thickness of 15mm are extremely durable and UV-resistant
  • towable on the water and thus suitable both as temporary or permanent floating installation
  • low installation cost due to larger than average anchoring distances
  • suitable to be used as a gate function
  • the MAXX spiral rope net made from a 4 mm high tensile steel wire allows security forces at all times a clear vision through the barrier
  • stops impacts of high speed boats

Alternatively, fixed boat barriers may be attached to existing structures or driven piles. High-tensile SATURN nets from Geobrugg are fixed to the piles, without resorting to a wear-intensive floating construction.

The protection system can span widths of up to 60 m, sustain large tidal differences and be resistant to wind, currents and corrosion (seawater). Such fixed security barriers are e.g. in use in the very tough environment of the Persian Gulf since 2005.

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