Navistar, Indigen Armor & SAIC Unveil SO Tactical Vehicle

23.05.2012 Products
Navistar, Indigen Armor & SAIC unveil SO Tactical Vehicle

Navistar, Indigen Armor & SAIC unveil SO Tactical Vehicle

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Navistar Defense, LLC, Indigen Armor and SAIC unveiled the team’s Special Operations Tactical Vehicle for the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) 1.1 program.

The vehicle, on display this week at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida, is built on Indigen Armor’s proven Non-Standard Tactical Truck (NSTT) platform and designed to be its modular and overt tactical equivalent.

The team’s Special Operations Tactical Vehicle is transportable in an armored and mission-ready state on a M/CH-47 helicopter. The vehicle is designed for maximum off-road speed and mobility for a variety of terrain found in desert, jungle, mountain and arctic environments and incorporates a full government furnished Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) suite.

“Our GMV offering incorporates the expertise of three very strong companies. Together we have a sophisticated design ready now that meets transportability and mature platform requirements while providing unprecedented mobility,” said Archie Massicotte, President, Navistar Defense.

The Special Operations Tactical Vehicle chassis, suspension, powertrain and armored occupant safety cell were engineered specifically to carry large payloads across rough landscapes in 3-man, 5-man and 7-man variants. The scalable armor packages meet multiple threat levels and accommodate a variety of low-profile and overt tactical body styles which allow the vehicle’s profile to be changed at the crew level.

“As former special operators, we have first-hand knowledge of how critical vehicle mobility and transportability are to SOCOM missions. This knowledge helped us bring to the table a mature, purpose-built and tested tactical vehicle platform when developing our team's GMV 1.1 offering,” said John Choate, President of Indigen Armor and former Navy SEAL.

Navistar’s world-class truck and engine integration capabilities and Indigen Armor’s unique understanding of performance specifications are further strengthened by SAIC. The company will provide integrated logistics support in addition to a full C4ISR suite.

“We have added to our already robust GMV offering by incorporating our expertise in integrating C4ISR systems and life-cycle support efficiencies in from the very start,” said Glenn San Giacomo, SAIC Senior Vice President and Business Unit General Manager.




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