Saab Unveils New Maritime Security Aircraft

11.07.2012 Products
Saab Unveils New Maritime Security Aircraft

Saab Unveils New Maritime Security Aircraft

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Defense and security company Saab is unveiling its new Saab 340 Maritime Security Aircraft at the Farnborough International Air show.

The aircraft is capable of effectively monitoring large areas and is the key to maritime domain awareness.

The Saab 340 Maritime Security Aircraft will meet the world´s latest demands for maritime security and safety. Piracy, terrorism, smuggling, trafficking, oil pollution and other illegal activities are threats to economic growth, environment and society.

The 340 MSA delivers the capability to safeguard territorial waters through the ability to rapidly respond to emerging maritime security threats.

“Maritime Airborne Surveillance is a fast growing market throughout the world. With the 340 MSA, Saab has a strong market position with a highly capable and cost effective solution”, says Rickard Hjelmberg, Vice President Marketing for Airborne Surveillance at Saab´s business area Support and Services.

The aircraft offers many advantages and is highly favorable in terms of cost compared with its competitors. The aircraft can perform long endurance flights from short airfields and the onboard mission management system with data links, optical sensors, SATCOM-systems and radar equips the aircraft with the required capability.

The Saab 340 MSA is a reliable multi-purpose aircraft offering surveillance, search and rescue, transport and MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) capabilities. The cabin is of a high standard; equipped and furnished to provide a comfortable working environment.

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