Alpha Armouring’s New Multifunction Armoured Vehicles

Stephen Barnard22.03.2013 Products
Alpha Armouring’s New Multifunction Armoured Vehicles

Alpha Armouring’s New Multifunction Armoured Vehicles

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SUVs/off-road vehicles used by VIPs to combat terrorist attacks are highly-specialised, sophisticated armoured vehicles, as seen in attempted assassinations around the globe.

As the number of peacekeeping missions grows, and the threat against valued personnel expands, demand for multifunction armoured vehicles is soaring. The highest priority is that passengers survive an attack, normally encompassing bullets and explosives.

Tackling the problem of increased numbers and lethality of terrorist actions, the German company Alpha Armouring Panzerung GmbH developed the ATLANT, a technically sophisticated armoured multifunction and command vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class platform, offering superior occupant protection against current and emerging terrorist threats.

The new vehicle offers protection against small-calibre ammunition. Its protection level is VPAM BRV 2009 VR7/BR7 plus NATO STANAG 1 / 2. Significantly, the vehicle’s unique armouring concept also protects against the effects of IEDs (side attack with up to 15kg TNT) and land mines (German type DM 31). With these features, and the materials and techniques used meeting all official certification standards, the vehicle fulfils the requirements set by its customers: agility, payload and protection.

The standard armour concept developed for the ATLANT provides the vehicle with ballistic armouring consisting of an armoured steel safety cell, a modified chassis, ballistic multilayer glass/polycarbonate, a door overlap system, specially strengthened suspension components, a Rodgard runflat system, and a fuel tank armoured with ballistic steel. Full armouring of the vehicle covers the complete passenger cell for 2-7 persons, and a protected load space.

The vehicle is versatile enough to offer additional technical features including shackles, gun ports, a reinforced crash bumper, a night vision system, HF/VHF and UHF radios, an ECM jamming system, a snorkel (cyclone filter), a heavy duty front-mounted winch, and a fire suppression system.  

A variant of Alpha Armouring’s ATLANT carries the Telemax EOD robot offered by Telerob Gesellschaft  für Fernhantierungstechnik mbH, designed to be operated in confined spaces like buildings, aircraft, underground trains, and passenger coaches. With this vehicle Alpha Armouring has uniquely fused a state-of-the-art safety-cell vehicle with two highly-advanced special capabilities: an observation system and an EOD Fast Response Vehicle.

The real-world performance of advanced solutions offered by  Armouring on SUVs and off-road vehicles was underlined during a gun attack on the Italian Consul in Benghazi, Libya, on 13 January 2013. During the attack, an SUV fitted with the company’s armour protected the life of the Italian Consul, who remained uninjured in the ambush of his heavily armoured car.

Another development by Alpha Armouring was presented at the IDEX 2013 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi; a Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 equipped with the company’s Active ASF System consisting of an active gas launcher, a smoke launcher, and a flash-bang grenade launcher (photo).

Alpha Armouring draws on 30 years of experience in developing, designing, and building armoured SUVs and off-road vehicles.  The company will next present its premium armouring solutions at the Middle East Homeland Security Summit in Doha, Qatar, in May 2013.

Source: Stephen Barnard / Stefan Nitschke - Military Technology


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