Iran Designs, Manufactures New UAV

FNA17.10.2013 Products
Iran Designs, Manufactures New UAV

Iran Designs, Manufactures New UAV

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Iranian researchers designed and manufactured a new type of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which can be used for surveillance, imaging, and defense missions.

The Project Manager, Seyed Mohammad Mavaei, said the aircraft, developed by Iranian students and academics from Kermanshah University of Technology in Western Iran, has an exceptional degree of autonomy and flight endurance.

Earlier this month, Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami announced that Iran has produced a new UAV that can fly 24 hours non-stop.

The Commander added that Iran's new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Shahed 129 enjoys a very long flight time and a high Maximum Operating Altitude.

“The drone, Shahed 129, which enjoys high flying duration can fly for 24 hours non-stop and without any need to refueling and is also able to fire rockets at targets with a high precision capability,” Salami told Fars News Agency (FNA).

“It also enjoys unique aviation depth, high technical capabilities and a relatively high flight duration and Maximum Operating Altitude,” Salami added.

He said that the drone means the emergence of a new aviation capability for Iran to break the monopoly of the major powers in the sky.

In September 2012, Iran announced that it has started using UAVs for its air defense units as part of its broader plans for strengthening the country's air defense capability.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion of the National Day of Air Defense in Tehran on September 3, 2012, Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli said Iran has equipped its air defense units with Haazem drones. Haazem is a drone designed and manufactured by Iranian air defense experts in three short, mid and long range models and for air defense missions.

The drone can be used as a target for air defense systems and also for reconnaissance missions. The UAV can also be equipped with missiles and used for aerial bombardments as well.

Source: FNA

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