RUAG Launches First MultiLaser Eye Protector

18.10.2013 Products
RUAG Launches First MultiLaser Eye Protector

RUAG Launches First MultiLaser Eye Protector

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The RUAG MultiLaser Protector is the first pair of protective glasses that protects against dazzling by all commercial hand-held laser pointers. It reflects laser light in a variety of colors and wavelengths (green/red/blue/violet/near-infra-red range and infra-red) using a single protective device that is easy to wear.

More and more frequently, police officers, train drivers and pilots face the danger of being dazzled by strong laser beams. The resulting risks are numerous and range from permanent eye injuries through to serious accidents. To counter these risks, RUAG has developed protective glasses against laser dazzling. These glasses are now available on the market. With a high transmission rate (light transmission) of over 40% and low impact on color perception, they offer ideal protection for safety workers, vehicle drivers in public transport and pilots.

The RUAG MultiLaser Protector has been tested according to the DIN EN 207 standard. Successful certification has cleared the way for market launch. The glasses will be launched in conjunction with the distribution partner Unico Graber AG, Safety Eyewear, Hölstein/Switzerland, which specializes in the national and international distribution of high-quality eye protection equipment and which was also involved in the development stage.

RUAG Eyewear/Optics offers a wide range of visual aids for special glasses and protective masks for civilian and military use. As a general contractor and the exclusive, long-standing supplier of visual corrective devices for the Swiss Armed Forces and a reliable partner for blue light organizations and private customers, RUAG Eyewear/Optics has considerable experience and valuable expertise in the fields of production, processing, assembly and repairs.

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