Raytheon Tests Enhanced Anti-Tank Weapon System

29.10.2013 Products
Raytheon Tests Enhanced Anti-Tank Weapon System

Raytheon Tests Enhanced Anti-Tank Weapon System

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Raytheon successfully completed an initial round of live-fire testing with a new U.S. Marine Corps Light Armored Vehicle Anti-Tank (LAV-AT) weapon system.

The upgraded, highly mobile, anti-armor LAV-AT weapon system is designed to protect reconnaissance and light infantry. Its mission is to defeat threats at long-range, day or night, and in all weather conditions.

“Raytheon is delivering an enhanced capability designed to save Marines' lives. The new turret and thermal systems can perform surveillance and targeting on the move, providing greater situational awareness. Raytheon has also reduced the size of the equipment to provide more crew space inside the vehicle,” said Michelle Lohmeier, Vice President of Land Warfare Systems for Raytheon Missile Systems.

In April 2012, the U.S. Marine Corps awarded Raytheon a contract to develop and integrate an anti-tank weapon system on four LAV-ATs. All four vehicles will go into development testing later this year, with operational testing to follow in late 2014.

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