Russia Develops “Laser Shield” for Optical Military Devices

26.02.2014 Products
Russia Develops “Laser Shield” for Optical Military Devices

Russia Develops “Laser Shield” for Optical Military Devices

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Russian scientists have developed a special filter that protects sensitive elements of optical devices used in military equipment from destruction by laser beams.

According to Dmitry Chesnokov, a Dean of the Faculty of Nanotechnologies at the Siberian State Geodesic Academy, many countries are developing high-power lasers capable of destroying optical sensors used in various types of weaponry, including night vision devices and optical guidance systems.

“Our Army may face this challenge, so we have designed special built-in filters that could ensure protection from laser attacks,” Chesnokov told reporters, adding that these filters can also be used to increase combat survivability of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The scientist said the new technology requires only slight modification of existing optical systems and the addition of a filter, which would not significantly increase the cost of weaponry.

Chesnokov said the new technology had been thoroughly tested and is ready for implementation.

Preliminary talks with the Russian Military are under way, the scientist said.

Source: RIA Novosti


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