$13bn US-Iraq Deal Cancelled Due to Corruption

AKnews28.07.2011 Iraq
$13bn US-Iraq Deal Cancelled Due to Corruption

$13bn US-Iraq Deal Cancelled Due to Corruption

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A U.S. arms deal under which Iraq would buy $13 billion in weapons has been cancelled after a request from the Iraqi Parliament's Integrity Committee.

The deal has been criticized for involving extensive financial corruption.

Aliya Nussaif, Member of the Committee, told AKnews that the Parliament has passed a request by the Committee to legislate law to cancel Foreign Military Sales program (FMS) after "financial corruption" has been confirmed in the deal.

"Our request came after we saw details of the program which has been misappropriating large amounts of Iraqi money since the entry of the U.S. forces into Iraq," Nussaif told AKnews.

"All Iraqi arms deals have been through this notorious program which have provided eastern made weapons to Iraq," Nussaif said.

Iraq ranks fourth in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index, with one being most corrupt.

The deal would have seen Iraq purchase F-16 fighters, Abrams tanks, and other heavy weaponry worth about US$13 billion.


Source: AKnews – Kurdistan News Agency


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