Iraqi Army Takes Over Al-Assad Military Base

NINA09.12.2011 Iraq
Iraqi Army Takes Over Al-Assad Military Base

Iraqi Army Takes Over Al-Assad Military Base

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The Iraqi Army took over Ain al-Assad military base in Anbar province from U.S. troops on Wednesday.

A ceremony took place inside the base which is situated north of Haditha city western Anbar province.

The handover ceremony was attended by a number of Iraqi officials and members of Chamber of Anbar operations.

The U.S. flag was lowered and substituted by Iraqi flag.

The American troops began a gradual withdrawal from the base in the second of last November.     

Al Asad Airbase is the second largest US military airbase in Iraq. It was formerly the home of the II Marine Expeditionary Force until January 2010.

Other major tenants included the 82nd Airborne Advise & Assist Brigade, 321st Sustainment Brigade, VOD-1, VAQ-142, Navy Customs Battalion Juliet, elements of the Iraqi Army's 7th Division, and the United States Air Force.

Located 100 miles west of Baghdad, the base is divided by a wadi that runs through the area. It has a perimeter of more than 15 miles, and is the second largest air force base in Iraq. It has 23 hardened shelters and two runways of 4260 and 3955 meters each. 


Source: National Iraqi News Agency - NINA; Wikipedia



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