Avon Protection’s CBRN Respiratory System at SOFEX

13.05.2014 Jordan
Avon Protection’s CBRN Respiratory System at SOFEX

Avon Protection’s CBRN Respiratory System at SOFEX

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Respiratory protection at its very best was showcased at SOFEX this past week (6-8 May 2014; Amman, Jordan) in a purpose designed product by Avon Protection, a world leader in respiratory protection systems technology.

One of the first to visit Avon on the US Pavilion, and to see ST53 (photo), was His Majesty King Abdulla II. He spoke with interest to Avon’s Matt Evans about the advanced Respiratory Protection products the company produces.

The depth of capability required for the design and manufacture of specialist protective CBRN equipment has increased significantly as the modern world has advanced. Avon is a company with a solid record of delivery and trusted worldwide, given the 60+ countries using its CBRN respiratory protection products.

Before entering a potentially hazardous zone, an operative will determine equipment requirements.  There is only an indication of the level of risk they face after entry and so a fast judgment is required between air purifying respiratory protection (APR) and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). 

Avon Protection’s breathing systems are able to fill this gap providing seamless transition between APR and SCBA, without compromising on protection for the unpredictable hazards encountered in the field of counter terror operations.

Avon’s revolutionary ST53 multi-role Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) system has been developed specifically for specialist application where the user needs to respond to changing operational conditions. Depending on the threat or operational circumstances at the scene of an incident, ST53 can be configured to provide the ideal protection mode.

Using Avon’s leading FM53 mask, the ST53 is available with a number of options for cylinders and filters and offers supplied air, and filtered air in a single breathing apparatus. Supplied air can be conserved when not required, allowing the operative to maximize their time on scene. Its flexibility and total protection meets the needs of the most challenging operations. Integration with weapons and other personal equipment, protective garments and communication systems is optimized in a system that minimizes the physiological burden on the wearer.

In January 2013, the Royal Oman Police ordered 7,000 C50 masks from Avon Protection. The C50 offers high protection, outstanding field of vision, and superior comfort. It protects against a range of CBRN threats including chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals (TICS) and toxic industrial materials (TIMS).

The C50 is built for use in a wide variety of operational scenarios, including battlefield protection from NBC agents, first response to terrorist incidents involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), public-order operations, chemical incidents, narcotics enforcement and counterterrorist/counterinsurgency operations. A range of Avon innovative designed filters is available to address differing requirements.


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