Saudi Arabia to Buy More F-15 Jets

Reuters05.01.2011 KSA
Saudi Arabia to Buy More F-15 Jets

Saudi Arabia to Buy More F-15 Jets

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Saudi Arabia confirmed on Tuesday it plans to buy more F-15 fighter jets as part of a massive arms deal which the US State Department said in September could be worth up to $60 billion.
In the first comments by a Saudi official on the deal, Assistant Defense Minister Khalid bin Sultan said the two sides remained in talks over final details.
'Talks are continuing according to the agenda and part of it is the purchase of the modified F-15 model,' he told reporters on the sidelines of an Air Force Graduation Ceremony.
In September, US officials said Washington planned to sell weapons worth up to $60 billion to Saudi Arabia including 84 new Boeing F-15 aircraft and 70 Apache helicopters


Source: Reuters



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