Saudi Defense Ministry Completes Preparations to Support Security Services During Hajj Season

Photo: SPA Saudi Press Agency (SPA)09.06.2024 KSA
Saudi Defense Ministry Completes Preparations to Support Security Services During Hajj Season

Saudi Defense Ministry Completes Preparations to Support Security Services During Hajj Season

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The Saudi Ministry of Defense, under the directive of Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Defense, announced the successful completion of its preparations for the crucial role it plays in this year’s Hajj season 1445 AH.

These preparations aim to support the efforts and plans of all security services and government agencies and provide the necessary facilities to serve pilgrims, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

To achieve the directives and aspirations of the Saudi leadership to enable pilgrims to perform their Hajj rituals with ease, security, and reassurance, a Hajj Supervisory Committee was formed within the Ministry of Defense. The Committee, headed by the Director of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, was responsible for preparing, planning, and supervising all tasks assigned to the various units and sectors of the ministry during its participation in Hajj season.

As part of its comprehensive plan for the Hajj mission, the Ministry of Defense mobilized its military and civilian human resources, medical and health personnel, capabilities, and service facilities in the Holy Sites, Makkah, and Madinah to serve pilgrims. All branches of the Armed Forces and the various relevant sectors in the Ministry actively participate in this collective effort.

The Ministry of Defense is tasked with providing security support to the Ministry of Interior, implementing the general plan to maintain order, and strengthening security measures to prevent any incidents that could disrupt the security of Hajj and pilgrims. The Ministry’s responsibilities include overseeing the courtyards of the Holy Mosque in Makkah, managing the airspace of the holy sites, monitoring the flow and movement of crowds, and operating flights by helicopter around the clock.

The Ministry of Defense has prepared several fixed and field hospitals and emergency centers to support the Ministry of Health in providing health care and therapeutic services to pilgrims. The Ministry also provides medical evacuation aircraft for transporting critical cases to supporting hospitals, ensuring that pilgrims perform their rituals with the highest levels of health and safety.

As part of its comprehensive plan for Hajj, the Ministry of Defense hosts employees, children of Saudi and Yemeni martyrs and wounded, and pilgrims from more than 20 countries. Camps with the latest specifications have been prepared in Mina to ensure the best services so these individuals can efficiently perform their rituals.

The Ministry of Defense completed its guidance and religious program plan to educate pilgrims and guests of the Ministry’s camps. The plan is achieved by hosting scholars and sheiks to deliver sermons and lectures, broadcasting awareness messages to pilgrims, and distributing letters, publications, and brochures that clarify the issues and actions of rituals. 



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