Kuwait Military Team Participates in Sullivan Cup Tank Competition

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Photo: KUNA30.04.2018 Kuwait
Kuwait Military Team Participates in Sullivan Cup Tank Competition

Kuwait Military Team Participates in Sullivan Cup Tank Competition

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The Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense said Friday a team from the Tank Regiment of the Infantry Corps is taking part in the 2018 Sullivan Cup Precision Gunnery Competition at Fort Benning US Army Base in Georgia, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported.

The annual international tank competition started earlier today and will last until May 5, according to a statement from the Ministry's department of moral guidance and public relations.

The Kuwaiti team, crewing the M1A2 - a version of the US-made M1Abrams tanks, is led by Commander of the Tank Regiment Col. Staff Mubarak Al-Zu’abi.
The participation of the Kuwaiti Army in the competition aims to keep abreast of the latest developments in the combat techniques and share experience with friendly countries, the statement said, noting that the State of Kuwait is the first Arab country to take part in this international event.

Since the early stages of the competition, the Kuwaiti team has proved their ability to compete with their peers from the armies of the other 17 countries represented; they are vying for the title of the best tank crew in the world.
During the daily tests of the competition, the competing teams have to finish, in the shortest possible time, the combat precision gunnery shootings at day and night and in different weather conditions.

They have also to deal, under physical and psychological stress, with challenging conditions, find solutions to abrupt emergencies, fix the technical problems, and shoot at multiple hoax targets at the same time in order to reach the final stage.
The competition also includes a theoretical tests to determine the knowledge and experience of the participants, as well as physical fitness tests, the military statement added.



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