Kuwait Appoints New Defense, Interior Ministers

Photo: KUNA Reuters20.12.2019 Kuwait
Kuwait Appoints New Defense, Interior Ministers

Kuwait Appoints New Defense, Interior Ministers

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Kuwait formed a new government earlier this week that replaced the son of the emir as Defense Minister and named an Interior Minister from outside the ruling family, a month after the former cabinet quit.

The Oil minister of the OPEC producer retained his post, while new Foreign and Finance Ministers were named, the state news agency KUNA said.

Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah last month tapped then Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah to take over as Premier and form a cabinet. The Prime Minister traditionally helps navigate relationships between parliament and government. The Emir has final say in state matters.

He addressed the new ministers after the oath ceremony and encouraged them to “address problems of citizens in ministries and government departments, and facilitate administrative measures within the laws and regulations.”

The key post of Oil Minister remained occupied by Khaled Al-Fadhel, but Ahmad Mansour Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah (photo) was appointed Defense Minister, Anas Khaled Nasser Al-Saleh became Interior Minister, and Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah became Foreign Affairs Minister.

Mariam Aqeel Al-Aqeel had previously been Acting Minister of Finance and was confirmed to that position.

The new government also includes two other women; Rana Abdullah Al-Fares as Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Affairs and Ghadeer Mohammed Aseeri as Minister of Social Affairs. 



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