Lebanese Armed Forces to Receive £20 Million Aid from UK

04.04.2016 Lebanon
Lebanese Armed Forces to Receive £20 Million Aid from UK

Lebanese Armed Forces to Receive £20 Million Aid from UK

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Lebanon’s Armed Forces are to receive over £20 million in aid from the British government to help stop Syria’s civil war spilling over its border.

On a visit to Lebanon this past week, the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond announced £15 million for border guard training and £4.5 million for the general training of 5,000 Lebanese troops.

“Lebanon is an important part of the front line against terrorism,” Hammond told Reuters.

“We are delighted by the way the UK support is being translated into strengthened border security and is enabling the armed forces to take the fight to Daesh and keep Lebanon safe from the incursions of Daesh,” he added.

Lebanon’s military will also receive three Huey II multi-mission helicopters worth £18 million from the United States, taking their total to nine.

Fighting between Daesh and the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front often overlaps Lebanon’s northern border with Syria.

At least 32 Nusra and Daesh fighters have died at the border last week.

A number of countries support Lebanon’s Armed Forces amid concerns regional conflict and a power struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia could destabilize the country.

However, Saudi Arabia suspended a $3 billion aid package for the Lebanese Army in February.



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