DCI at LAVEX 2009

03.10.2009 Libya

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At the center of tripartite relations between the French Armed Forces, European Industrialists and the Armed Forces of friendly foreign countries, Défense Conseil International (DCI), which is placed under the tutorship of the French Ministry of Defense, has developed its activities for more than 35 years. Specialized in the export of French Defense know-how, DCI enhances the value of proposals made by Defense industrialists owing to its culture and expertise conform to French Forces standards. Thus, during negotiations for Armament contracts and, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, DCI proposes to associate the operational and military added values represented by the “French Armed Forces Label” with the acquisition of Defense Systems.

DCI Departments, which have privileged contacts with the French Army (COFRAS), French Air Force (AIRCO), French Navy (NAVFCO), and General Delegation for Armament (DESCO) respectively, implement state-of-the-art operational skills.

Additionally, DCI is the privileged Partner of the French Armed Forces providing training support and advice in compliance with their requirements, and with business coaching services for the development of major projects conducted by the Ministry of Defense.

In line with its vital interests in the Gulf Region and North Africa, DCI is displaying its expertise and services at this year's LAVEX (Libya, 5-8 October 2009).


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