Iran, Italy Stage Joint Naval Wargames

FNA29.09.2016 MENA
Iran, Italy Stage Joint Naval Wargames

Iran, Italy Stage Joint Naval Wargames

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Iranian and Italian Naval Forces held joint exercises in Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

The joint PASSEX drills were staged to display peace and friendship between the two countries with the participation of a number of Iranian warships and helicopters and the Italian warship “Euro”.

The drill zone stretched from Langargah region along the coasts of Iran’s Southern port city of Bandar Abbas to the warm waters of the Strait of Hormuz.

Italian warship Euro berthed in Iran’s territorial waters in the Southern port city of Bandar Abbas on Saturday.

The warship which docked in Iran’s first naval zone in the Persian Gulf was sent with the aim of expanding political, cultural and military ties between the two countries.

After berthing, Commander of the Italian warship along with the country’s Ambassador to Tehran and its Embassy’s Military Attaché held a meeting with Commander of the Iranian Navy’s First Zone Rear Admiral Azad.

During their stay in Iran’s territorial waters, the Commanders and Officers of the Italian warship visited the country's Naval capabilities and training centers and met with a number of Iranian officials in the Southern province of Hormozgan.

Earlier this month, a delegation from the Italian Army visited the Iranian Armed Forces’ different units in line with military interactions between Tehran and friendly states, FNA also reported.

The delegation consisting of 5 high-ranking Italian military men visited different sectors of the Iranian Armed Forces’ units and their achievements in 5 days.

Iran and Italy have tried to continue their friendly relations at a high level even during the sanctions era and now after the removal of embargos against Tehran, both countries are striving to further expand ties. 



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