PIRIOU Completes Refit of Morocco’s Rais Bargach Patrol Vessel

20.07.2017 Morocco
PIRIOU Completes Refit of Morocco’s Rais Bargach Patrol Vessel

PIRIOU Completes Refit of Morocco’s Rais Bargach Patrol Vessel

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PIRIOU NAVAL SERVICES, the French branch of the PIRIOU group for Repair and Services, has just completed the refit of the Rais Bargach, a 65m ocean-going patrol vessel built in 1995.

Following arrival at the shipyard in February 2016, this vessel belonging to the Royal Moroccan Navy benefitted from an exhaustive refit program:

- Hull and structure overhaul                 

  • Hull and capacities inspected and repaired
  • Most of side and bottom shell plating replaced

- Coating and painting of all the vessel (hull, superstructure, tanks and technical rooms stripped and painted)

- Refurbishment and modernization of all premises

  • Refurbishment of the accommodations: insulation, bulkhead, ceilings, furniture, sanitary, lighting, sockets, switches, TV, hi-fi stereo dismantled and replaced
  • Resin floor coating fitted in accommodations
  • New stainless steel kitchen built (bulkhead and equipment replaced)
  • All installations inspected and replaced when necessary
  • Main engines removed and painted
  • New gearboxes integrated and fitted
  • Shaftline, propellers and controllable pitch propeller station removed and controlled, shaftline liners replaced
  • Main engines and propeller pitch control system integrated
  • Steering gear overhauled
  • Electrical production system replaced and two new generators installed in engine room
  • Slow propulsion re installed: two new 300 kW electrical engines integrated and fitted
  • Emergency generator replaced
  • All networks and equipment inspected
  • Osmosis plant, fuel oil and oily water separators, bilge pump system replaced
  • Electrical cabinets and networks, pumps engines and fans overhauled
  • Refrigerating plants of the cold-storage rooms and ammunition store replaced
  • Air-conditioning system in accommodations overhauled
  • Sren door hydraulic system inspected and gasket replaced
  • Deck fittings overhauled and mooring lines replaced

Vincent Faujour, PIRIOU group CEO declared: ‘’PIRIOU, in accordance with its global service strategy, carries on with its partnership with the Royal Moroccan Navy. Following the delivery of the 50 m land craft tanker SIDI IFNI in July 2016, we just delivered the RAIS BARGACH patrol vessel after major refit. It will be followed by the delivery of the 72m oceanographic multi-mission vessel presently under construction at PIRIOU shipyard in Concarneau.’’

Involved in shipbuilding, repair, naval engineering and services since 1965, PIRIOU specializes in producing medium sized vessels up to 120 m with high added value through a combination of high-performance engineering and a global network of industrial sites in Europe, Africa and Asia.

With over 420 ships built and delivered worldwide, PIRIOU provides bespoke solutions as well as a complete range of standardized or customized vessels that satisfy the requirements of international shipowners, whether they are private or public, civilian or military.

PIRIOU NAVAL SERVICES is the French branch of the PIRIOU group for Repair and Services. Based in Concarneau as well as in Lorient and Brest, PNS provides both in France and abroad, maintenance works, complex stopovers project management, In-Service Support (ISS) for all types of vessels as well as trading and training activities.



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