Air & Missile Defence Summit

20.05.2010 UAE

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International military experts will discuss the development of an integrated air defence capability to address aerial attacks at an upcoming Air and Missile Defence Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Hosted by IQPC, a global provider of tailored, industry-driven conferences, the second annual Air and Missile Defence Summit 2010 will run from May 30 to June 2 at the Armed Forces Officers Club.

The event will highlight the strategies and the latest technologies which are being implemented across USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to achieve improved interconnectivity and interoperability between military and industry players for a blanket protection of the region's air space.

The agenda will also highlight the roadmap to effectively develop and deploy air and missile defence systems for a fielded capability.Keynote speaker Lieutenant General Mike Hostage, commander, US Air Force Central Command, will share the long-term role of the US Air Force in the region in creating an integrated air defence umbrella.


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