Air Rescue at Dubai Helishow

14.10.2010 UAE
Air Rescue at Dubai Helishow

Air Rescue at Dubai Helishow

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As part of this year’s Dubai Helishow, Mediac announced the confirmation of a range of exhibitors within the air rescue, search and rescue and medical transport industry. Following unprecedented advances within the industry during 2010, key exhibitors will be participating in the show to highlight dramatic moves by the industry and regulatory bodies to tackle the increasing number of helicopter accidents and improve training for key operators within the region.
Aside from featuring the latest product offerings, specialized technologies and services from the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers to Dubai, the 3-day event will address the newly set regulations aimed at implementing higher levels of safety hardware for medical helicopters and training for crews. This year’s show is set to include key international manufacturers and operators including the Abu Dhabi Police, Frasca, Abu Dhabi Aviation, Eurocopter, Lockheed Martin, Skytrac, and Vertical Aviation.
 “The helicopter industry is experiencing solid growth on a global level as more countries continue to develop their aviation infrastructure.  A safe, efficient and vibrant aviation system in the region is crucial to our nation’s economic health,” said Mr. Abdulla Abulhoul, CEO, Mediac Communications & Exhibitions LLC.
 “Implementing improved standards is key for the industry and we’re very pleased that the Dubai Helishow will include the leading players in the field to help boost safety and security for all passengers, flight crews, and medical professional on these flights.


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