Defeating the Global IED Threat Conference

20.04.2011 UAE
Defeating the Global IED Threat Conference

Defeating the Global IED Threat Conference

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Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have become the key weapon of choice for insurgents around the World.  These indiscriminate devices can be emplaced surreptitiously and used without warning to devastating effect - especially against civilians and patrolling troops.  IEDs are terrifying for the population, they inhibit economic growth and in recent years they have become unprecedented in scale: they are also the single greatest cause of fatalities in contemporary conflict zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Leading global conference organisers: Tangent Link have teamed up with counter-IED specialists Kratos Enterprises and Electronic Warfare Solutions to produce a unique event that fuses together all elements of the C-IED and land EW domains as well as the wider security industry.  A first for the Middle East – the organisers have pooled together some of the World’s leading experts in these specialist fields to deliver what promises to be a truly exceptional event.  

Focusing primarily on recent advances in the counter-IED fight, this exciting conference and exhibition due to take place in Abu Dhabi from 4th – 6th October 2011, will include a series of live route clearance demonstrations and is expected to draw some of the biggest names in defence and security including international ministers and chiefs of staff as well as key decision makers from the military and law enforcement communities.   

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