The Marvin Group’s Debut at the Dubai Air Show 2015

11.11.2015 UAE
The Marvin Group’s Debut at the Dubai Air Show 2015

The Marvin Group’s Debut at the Dubai Air Show 2015

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The Marvin Group, a provider of globally deployed alternate mission equipment and innovative test solutions for military and aerospace organizations, announced that Marvin Engineering Company and Marvin Test Solutions are exhibiting at the 2015 Dubai Air Show.

“We are demonstrating to existing customers in the region, as well as potential new ones, the vast capabilities of The Marvin Group to support the warfighters' requirements of the Armed Forces of the United States and their partners and allies in the region,” said the CEO of Marvin Test Solutions who also serves as the Vice President of Strategic Development for The Marvin Group, Major General Stephen T. Sargeant, USAF (Ret.).

“In addition to the compliment of equipment we provide across a wide variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, we provide unrivaled long-term support and significantly lower the cost of life cycle sustainment,” he added.

Marvin Test Solutions is displaying its MTS-3060 SmartCan(TM), a high-performance handheld test set packaged in a convenient Pelican case. The SmartCan(TM) is the only handheld flightline test set that provides full-functionality testing of the 1760 bus via smart weapon emulation such as JDAM, SDB and AMRAAM.

Also available on-site are the MT-3045 Advanced Hellfire Missile Simulator and the MT-1888 Laser Source Simulator. The MT-3045 provides thorough and complete preload test for the Hellfire Missile. The MT-1888 is an eye-safe laser capable of stimulating the seeker on any laser-guided precision munition.

Marvin Test Solutions is the exclusive producer of test sets for the Maverick Missile and the launchers that support them. The MTS-206, Maverick Field Test Set, performs on all variants of the Maverick Missile (including the latest AGM-65L Laser Maverick) and its system components, LAU-117 and LAU-88 Maverick Launchers (all versions), and launcher-missile clusters. In addition, Marvin Test Solutions offers the MTS-916 Modular Target Simulator family featuring state-of-the-art target simulators for E/O, TV/ CCD, infrared, and laser guided Maverick Missiles. These systems are deployed in 17 countries today.



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