New NIMR Military Vehicles Enter Service in UAE

08.12.2016 UAE
N-35 combat armored 4-wheel-drive

N-35 combat armored 4-wheel-drive

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NIMR Automotive announced that two of its most advanced military vehicle models, designed and manufactured in the UAE, have formally entered into service with the UAE Armed Forces.

The N35, a mine-protected multi-purpose fighting vehicle in both 4x4 and 6x6 configurations, and the AJBAN-class Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) were on display at the UAE’s National Day parade.

Marking this milestone, Dr. Fahad Saif Harhara, NIMR CEO, said: “We are honored to support the UAE Armed Forces with our latest world-class military vehicles, which will protect the lives of our soldiers on the battlefield.”

NIMR’s N35 is a multi-purpose vehicle that provides the Armed Forces with a combination of firepower, survivability and mobility to meet modern, asymmetric operational threats. The cabin, known as the ‘crew citadel’, is capable of providing high levels of protection against mine, IED and ballistic threats.

The AJBAN SOV is a light, long-range reconnaissance vehicle that can be transported by helicopter for easy insertion into any environment for self-sustained missions lasting up to two weeks. The vehicle is designed to be highly mobile in all terrains, featuring a high payload capacity to transport all necessary crew equipment and features a roof-mounted gun for self-defense.

Dr. Fahad highlighted that “local talent has been fundamental in bringing these vehicles from concept to series production. An integral element of NIMR’s mission is to educate and empower the next generation of UAE nationals so that they can contribute to the country’s growing industrial sector.”

NIMR, a subsidiary of Emirates Defence Industries Company, designs and manufactures these vehicles at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi. It also provides full lifecycle management including Integrated Logistic Support, maintenance, repair, technical support and spares to manage the entire fleet and variants deployed.

NIMR Automotive, a subsidiary of the Emirates Defence Industry Company (EDIC) delivers highly capable wheeled military vehicles that are designed for the harshest environments, across a diverse scope of mission requirements.

NIMR’s range of desert-proven 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles are available in armored or non-armored configurations, with modular configurable crew capacity and payload, where protection and mobility is the focus of our design activities.

Through engineering innovation, comprehensive testing and implementation of the highest standards in design and manufacturing NIMR provides exceptional vehicle reliability and best-in-class desert performance to ensure the protection of the vehicle crews that use them.

Photo: The N-35 is a combat armored 4-wheel-drive vehicle with high versatility and movement capabilities. It offers high protection of crew against mines and shelling. It is designed to perform various combat tasks including recon, leadership and control, and communications. It may also be used as Armored Personnel Carrier.



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