Abu Dhabi Hosts 21st Century Warfare Challenges Conference

Photo: WAM WAM16.05.2018 UAE
Abu Dhabi Hosts 21st Century Warfare Challenges Conference

Abu Dhabi Hosts 21st Century Warfare Challenges Conference

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The conference on the mechanisms of developing the human component in facing the challenges of wars in the 21st century started Monday at the Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi, under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Defense.


The conference aims to present the mechanisms of developing the human component in facing such wars, as well as establish strategic partnerships with specialist security and defense research centers, Emirates News Agency WAM reported.


Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Bowardi (photo), Minister of State for Defense Affairs, said that the military capacities of Emirati soldiers are recognized and respected globally, as well as their professionalism, organization and training, which have enabled them to understand the requirements of modern wars.


He added that the world’s armies respect the Emirati soldier, who is committed to the rules and ethics of combat, as well as for his military skills. The Minister went on to say that multiple threats require thorough preparations, to face them with human capacities and technologies and protect the nation.


He affirmed that the Ministry of Defense is ready to protect the nation and its achievements and guarantee its development and prosperity, in coordination with all national institutions while noting that the wise leadership believes that the nation’s security is based on its citizens.


Al Bowardi said that the human component is the critical element to defense, so, therefore, it is essential to improve their capacities, by training them in the necessary skills and expertise to lead future wars.


In his opening speech, Major General Falah Al Qahtani, Assistant Under-Secretary for Policy and Strategic Affairs at the Ministry of Defense, said that the security environment is witnessing rapid developments and a changing balance of international power. Technology, social media and information are developing and changing communities, and people continuously move and immigrate, which affect the security environment and pose more significant challenges, risks and threats, he added.


He explained that even the nature of war is changing, and it can no longer be regarded as an activity between two countries or described as traditional or non-traditional, as the recent years have witnessed a change that is known as fourth-generation warfare, 4GW, and some people are even talking about fifth-generation warfare.


“We must highlight the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who considered human resources as the key element to advancing and defending the country,” Al Qahtani said.


“We must also highlight the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, who said that UAE nationals, both men and women, are the nation’s asset and future. The country has prioritized its human resources, as they are the pillar of its development. We must, therefore, create qualified human resources who are capable of realizing the ambitious national vision of the wise leadership,” he added.


Al Qahtani affirmed that His Highness Sheikh Mohamed confirmed this national strategy, when he said, “The sons of the UAE, the sons of Zayed, are the defenders of the country, as well as its safety valve and future. Our real investment should be in them because they protect the UAE and its future.”


Dr. Salem Humaid, President of the Al Mizmat Centre for Studies and Research, stated that there are no challenges that cannot be overcome through honest and sincere work while adding that victory can be achieved through loyalty to the nation and the belief in a just cause.


At the end of the conference, Brigadier Ali Saeed Al Kaabi, Director of the Directorate of Research and Strategic Studies at the Ministry of Defense, honored the strategic partners of the ministry.


The Emirates News Agency, WAM, was also honored for its strategic partnership and helping to organize the conference. 



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