Sagem and Stemme present Patroller™, a long-endurance surveillance drone for defense and security missions

15.06.2009 Security

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At the Paris Air Show today, Sagem (SAFRAN group) and Stemme are unveiling Patroller™, a new dual long-endurance surveillance drone for both defense and security missions.

Developed within a French-German industrial partnership, Patroller™ combines the Sagem’s expertise in operational drones with Stemme’s long experience in high-performance powered gliders.

Patroller™ features an imaging system based on the Sagem Euroflir gyrostabilized optronic observation system, along with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) by OHB, and a low data rate Satcom. Depending on user requirements, it could eventually carry other payloads, including an airborne relay and maritime radar.

In the medium term Patroller™ could be deployed in civil airspace for homeland protection, or border and coastal patrol missions, as well as emergency services for civilian populations.

Launched from a runway, the Patroller™ system is interoperable with Sagem’s proven Sperwer tactical drone. The two drones share the same ground segment, as well as a large part of their avionics.

Patroller™ made its first flight on June 10, 2009 at the Kemijarvi test site in Finland. During this flight the drone met its objectives in terms of flight control, automatic takeoff and landing, and transmission of video images captured by its Euroflir observation system.

Calling on mature technologies and proven components, Patroller™ offers both high performance (max. speed 170 kt, operational ceiling 25,000 ft, endurance exceeding 30 hours, 250 kg/550 lb payload) and excellent cost-efficiency.



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