Saab’s New Laser Rangefinder

19.09.2011 Security
Saab’s New Laser Rangefinder

Saab’s New Laser Rangefinder

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Defense and security company Saab, a leading supplier of laser based sensors, introduced a new member of the laser family, with the new technology of diode pumped Erbium.

"Our new laser rangefinder HEIMDALL is the first laser product from Saab that incoroprates the new Diode Pumped Erbium technology. The product is a light weight and very compact device and can be used in several applications. The diode pumped technology allows the laser to achieve an impressive performance with a continuous operation in a harsh environment. The device has a newly developed receiver that provides the laser receiver with high sensitivity." said Stellan Wickstrom, Product Manager Electronic Defense Systems.

"The result is a compact, light weight eyesafe laser rangefinder, verified for operation in harsh environment with an excellent performance."

"The new laser rangefinder will find applications within the areas of remote weapon stations, UAV's, border surveillance systems, control of landing strips at airports, and fire control systems etc. The HEIMDALL is a class 1 laser and hence there is no restriction on using the laser in public areas."

"It is currently a problem for many laser users to use such devices in public areas without restriction and still have top performance. The laser rangefinder HEIMDALL will solve both issues," Wickstrom added.

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